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Apple Stock: How Much Would $1000 Be Worth Today?


by Jon Rowe

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Apple is one of the most popular stocks on the stock market and is currently valued at around $2.39 trillion dollars.

Since listing on the stock market in the 1980s, Apple has been a top choice for many people that have invested in the stock market.

During that time the company has grown dramatically, initially starting with the Apple III, moving on to the Macintosh Classic in the 1990s, before focusing on the iPhone in the 2000s.

With all that success, how much would you have actually made if you had invested in Apple?

Starting with the past 5 years, from 2017 to 2022, Apple stock increased in value by around 280%, from $38.86 a share to $147.92 a share.


This essentially means that you would have earned an average return of around 56% a year – which is incredibly good when you consider that a good return in the stock market is seen as being 10% a year.


So, if you had invested $1000 into Apple 5 years ago, it would now be worth $2800. This is an incredible return to earn on a relatively small amount of money.


To give some perspective, if an investor simply invested the $1000 into an index fund (such as the S&P500), they would have grown the money into just $1,700 – which is still a very good return.


Nonetheless, by investing in Apple, an investor would have earned $1100 more than what is considered to be a ‘normal’ return.

What about if you had invested in Apple since the company was listed on the stock market in 1980.


Well, the company was listed on the stock market at just $0.10 a stock in 1980 (on a split-adjusted basis), so this would mean that you would have earned $147.32 per share by today.


This means that in the last 42 years, Apple stock has increased in value by 147,320%. 


Therefore, a $1000 investment at that time, would now be worth a cool $1,473,200.00. This means that you would have generated an average annual return of around 3,507%.

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